Mind body Plate  programs encompass the mind, the body, and nutrition.  We are like-minded professionals who take a holistic approach to finding true health and happiness. We offer services that include mindful therapy, yoga, and health coaching.

Now drink our green smoothie recipe, quiet your mind and get your yoga on!! Make this your healthiest summer yet.


In this integrative four week program, you will work with a licensed psychotherapist, a certified yoga instructor, and a holistic health and nutrition coach in order to become more connected with your thoughts/belief system, your physical body, and the food you’re eating every day. The three of us will work together to come up with an inspiring plan tailored just for you! Click here to learn more.


Get Your Body Back with 7 Days of Detox! This 7-day detox is designed to get you back in touch with your body so you can discover how to best nourish yourself and feel amazing while doing it! Click here to learn more.


IMG_0670Do you want to live a happier healthier lifestyle but are not sure where to start? Through life coaching and therapy  you will explore your thoughts, perceptions,  relationships, and lifestyle. Our therapist will introduce you to knew ways of thinking and guide you to make lifestyle changes that will lead to a quiet mind and a more vibrant life.



Yoga packages are for students of all levels. Mind Body Plate offers private yoga lessons in the comfort of your home (or backyard, if the weather permits!). This is an excellent option for people who are new to yoga as a studio can feel intimidating at first. This is also a great option for those of you who have hectic schedules and do not have time to get to a studio. All of our instructors are Yoga Alliance certified and highly regarded in the yoga community. Click here to learn more.


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